Friday, February 11, 2011

sO i DoN'T foRgET

Since I use this blog as a journal, it is the perfect place to write down the funny things my kiddos say. So here are a couple:

Camden is still not in his bed (oh I know). He sleeps on a little bed on the floor of our room. Anyway, last night he decided to try to sleep in our bed with us. He climbed in right between me and Wayne and said "We are going to bed as a family, lets go to sleep shall we!" So cute that even daddy couldn't resist and we all went to bed "as a family".

Part of the reason why Camden doesn't sleep in his room is because he gets nightmares often. The other day he woke up and told me, "I don't like bad dreams or good dreams". When I asked him why he didn't like good dreams he said, "because you can't stay in them very long". So very true!

Camden has been asking a lot of questions about marriage and what it means to be married. Today he said, "Mom if we were married I would pick a flower and give it to you". Luckily dad was standing right there so maybe Cam gave him some pointers.

One last thing that I don't want to forget. Teige has been starting to talk a little. Most of which only mom and dad can understand but he is getting it. He knows everyones name in the family, Mom, Dadda, Charice and Dam. Yup, he calls Cam, Dam. Priceless.


Melaina and Ben said...

Don't forget that he knows how to say Maina! :) so funny! I miss your kids I need to come over soon!

KALLI said...

so cute. Kids say the cutest stuff. They grow so fast sometimes I wish I could keep mine small forever.

Rachel Banks said...

I love those moments Katie!